You’ve always wanted to wear your gym clothes to work. Well, now you can.

There’s a reason you live in yoga pants during off-duty hours–the breathable, stretchy fabric is ideal for everything from curling up on your couch to stretching out in downward dog. Thankfully, you don’t have to hang up your beloved activewear when Monday rolls around. These 13 pieces are made from the same amazing, high-tech materials as your favorite fitness gear, and they’re totally office-friendly.

1. Lululemon City Trek Trousers, $148;

These twill pants are a commuter’s dream. They’re water-repellant and reflective (great for morning bike riders or post-work hikers) and perfectly tailored. Swap your sneakers for black pumps and head right to that meeting.

2. HPE Muscle Tank, $73;


A slouchy, space-dyed muscle tank feels relaxed and cool when paired with a crisp black blazer and skinny trousers.

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