We’re fast approaching the peak season for red lipstick—holiday party time. To help you get acquainted with your very best shade of the classic hue, we’ve compiled some Instagram and red carpet inspiration from our favorite actresses, models, and music makers. Test out one of these bold lipstick looks yourself at your next fete to spread joy (and major makeup envy).

1. Gwen Stefani

Stefani can be considered the official red-lip ambassador because you’ll rarely catch her in any other shade. She kept it current on the set of “The Voice” by juxtaposing a contemporary hairstyle with retro-chic makeup effects.

Gwen Stefani via Instagram

2. Cara Delevingne

Cara is the personification of our #browgoals, but she also knows how to rock a red lip. Here, Delevingne teamed her crimson pout with a smudged eye look.  

Cara Delevingne via Instagram

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