And they’re all $20 or less.

1. A diary to chronicle every Tinder fail. 

Online Dating Journal Book, $18;

2. A coffee mug that says “chill” without being too direct. 


Go Hug Yourself Travel Coffee Mug, $18;

3. A card holder that will spark conversation at a networking event. 


Kate Spade Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder, $20;

4. A homage to hip hop that happens to hold wet tea bags.   


Drop It Like It’s Hot Tea Rest, $2;

5. The brush-cleaning tool you never knew you needed. 

brush cleaner

Philip B Hairbrush Cleaner, $15;

6. A colorful keychain that adds personality to a basic black bag. 


Leather Tassle Keychain, $12;

7. A body brush that will eliminate dry skin in a few strokes. 

body brush

Mio Skincare Natural Dry Body Brush, $20;

8. A fill-in-the-blank recipe book that will appease the foodie in your book club. 



The Food Journal, $16;

9. A slow-burning candle with a unisex scent and utilitarian package. 


Bergamot and White Tea Wood Wick Candle, $20;

10. A gilded passport book for the well-traveled office mate. 




Passport Holder, $18; 

11. Soaking salts that upgrade the bathtub to spa-like levels. 


Evy Jo & Co. Bath Salts, $13 each;

12. An envelope clutch for the coworker who never misses a happy hour.  

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.14.58 PM

Forever21 Strappy Faux Leather Clutch, $13;

13. A hedgehog planter that can disguise anyone’s black thumb. 


Hedgehog Planter, $12; 

14. A glittery phone case for the woman with two phones, a laptop, and a tablet. 


Metallic and Glitter iPhone Case, $15;

15. And a pillowcase that makes waking up late seem like NBD. 


I Woke Up Like This Microfiber Pillowcase, $20;

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