2. Psych Yourself Up

“When you’re starting an all-consuming project, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I keep what I think of as a ‘treasure box full of grit’ inside myself for those tough times,” says De Sousa.

3. Schedule Me-Time

“I treat taking care of myself as an appointment so that I won’t bail on it,” says Jones. “I tell my students to commit to a simple, daily practice of checking in with themselves. Even taking five minutes to stretch is better than doing nothing.”

4. Headspace

“I work my body for my mind,” Haney says. “Exercise makes my brain happy and keeps me centered.”

Krissy Jones, Tyler Haney, Sabrina De Sousa, and Chloe Kernaghan

5. Power Hang

“While pursuing your dream, your confidence waxes and wanes,” says Haney. “It’s been so cool for us all to connect and be in this together.”

6. Create What You Crave

“I’m designing for people like my friends—we’re all active and fit but not defined by it,” Haney says. “When you have a vision and feel like you don’t see it in the market, you have to find the courage and focus to keep honing it until it becomes real.”

7. Lean On Me

“My business partner, Krissy, inspires me,” says Kernaghan. “We encourage each other to take breaks and not hold ourselves to impossibly high standards.”

8. Try A Workout Happy Hour

Haney’s go-to trick helps her team break away from the office and strengthen their bonds. “We all go to Sky Ting Yoga once a week, and we’ll often invite friends and other NYC businesses to play basketball with us. On the court, as in the office, we’re working together to accomplish a common goal. When you’re doing something physical, your guard comes down and it’s easier to connect with one another. Plus, the endorphins definitely help! So many of us did team sports as kids—why not start an office intramural for soccer or softball and continue this in our adult lives?”

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Styling, Gisella Lemos; hair, Yukiko Tajima for Oribe Hair Care; makeup, Akiko Sakamoto for Laura Mercier.

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