Payal Kadakia, cofounder of ClassPass

The rise of boutique fitness has brought tons of specialized workout classes—and some very pricey memberships. That is, until Kadakia, 31, came along and changed everything. In 2013, the dancer and MIT grad launched ClassPass, an online program that allows users to try hundreds of classes in their area for just $99 per month. To date, more than 1 million reservations have been made. Here, she shares her success secrets with us.

When I get my best ideas: “Anytime I’m moving, like running or taking a workout class. I get bursts of creativity with bursts of physical activity.”

What I tell myself after a tough day: “I can fix this. I reason that as long as I’m smiling 90 percent of the time, I can handle the setbacks that occur 10 percent of the time.”

My productivity trick: “I schedule everything—laundry, grocery shopping, even relaxation—because it helps me compartmentalize and switch on and off quickly. When it’s time to recharge, I don’t feel guilty about it.”

The best advice I ever got: “My father always encouraged me to embrace change—that I shouldn’t fight it, because being adaptable is a strength.”

Quick pick-me-up: “Butterscotch candies, for those times when I need a sugar fix.”

Workout go-to: “I start my morning with a run. It helps me plan my day. And I always take a few barre classes each week (using my ClassPass membership!).”

Barre wisdom: “Dancing has taught me discipline. The more you practice something, the easier it’ll become.”

Best vacation spot: “My cofounder and I went to Bermuda after we hit a major company goal. Confession: We still worked a lot.”

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