Hot gear you’ll sweat over. And in.

Logging al fresco miles during the summer is a magical but challenging time. That’s partly because you’re in a constant struggle between loving and absolutely despising the warmer weather. And partly because all of the sweat. Regardless, ‘tis the season for outdoor running, and these are the eight pieces of running gear that are making me really excited about tackling those hot, sweaty, delightfully challenging miles.

1. Ridiculously cute leggings that also hide sweat.

I’ve never loved running in shorts so I am all about capris that have stylish and functional mesh panels that help keep me feeling cool during the hotter summer months. This pair boasts a few in sweaty hotspots including behind the knees and around the upper thigh. Plus, the color blocking is varsity-level cute while the black fabric along the backside will help hide awkward butt sweat marks. Get it here.

Odyssey Performance Capri, $118;

2. Easy, breezy, sneakers.

These sneaks are white and black (you know, like a panda), lightweight, and extra-cushiony. They’re designed to give you that extra spring in your stride. Stylish and functional? Game on! Get them here.

Women’s TechLoom Phantom White/Black, $165;

3. A cute headband that tames the flyaways.

I’ve been playing both sides when it comes to the fitness debate over headband thickness. Currently I’m on team mini and these thin headbands are my summer jam. Get them here.

UA Mini Wordmark Headbands, $12;

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