Would you share a photo of yourself naked online? A self-love campaign from one Instagram user is inspiring hundreds of people to do just that.

A week ago, Nude Yoga Girl, an anonymous Instagram user who posts photos of herself — you guessed it — doing yoga while nude, started using the hashtag #NYGyoga to promote body confidence and self-love. “It’s the positive experience, photo and caption together,” she wrote on Instagram about her work. “To know that people have really taken time to connect with themselves and celebrate their unique bodies. That makes me happy. Because together we can support and inspire each other to love ourselves.”

That message has resonated with hundreds of people who have used Nude Yoga Girl’s hashtag to post their own photos. Many included inspiring captions of what this campaign means to them. “My body is my home. It’s the wall that covers my inner life, my passions and creativity,” one user commented alongside her own nude yoga pose photo. “I am learning to love myself, like the way I love others. This is the most vulnerable Instagram picture I’ve ever posted, but I wanted to be the voice for those who can’t speak up, because of fear or danger. Every girl should have the same rights as I have.”

Other followers said that this social media movement has been important for them as they deal with mental health problems and other issues. “I’m 20 days clean from self harm, suicidal ideations, & mind/mood alternating substances. diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. 25 years old,” another person said. “You give me this inspiration to love myself, even with what I did. That took A LOT for me to take and send those pictures to you.”

And if you just need general positivity, Nude Yoga Girl’s Instagram is filled with it. She recently discussed how she overcame negative thoughts about her breasts and tackled the negative self-talk people direct at themselves all too often, saying that comparison can threaten our well-bring. “We all have a different history, background and experiences. Feelings can’t be compared,” she said on Instagram this week. More important than what others think of us, she added, “is that we are enough for ourselves.” Sounds like a message we can get behind.

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