Celebrity Halloween costumes seem to be getting bigger and better each year. What looked over-the-top last year is basically calling it in this year — and we love it. While stars aren’t really like us, they are actual humans, so it’s fun to see how they choose to get dressed for what can be the craziest night of the year. There are usually big trends, too. One year it’ll seem like every single girl is dressed as a superhero and the next, a creepy vampire. Celebrity Halloween costumes, just like our own, often depend on pop culture, like what movies and TV shows are popular at the time or if there’s a viral Internet thing everyone can jump on. There was a time before social media (which seems like around the year 1920, at this point) when we didn’t get to see all the killer costumes. But thanks to Instagram and Snapchat, we see everything, from the getting-ready process to the final look. So check out the best of this year’s costumes so far and steal some inspo for your own Halloween bash.

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban were the spitting image of Sonny and Cher.

Lauren Conrad looked stellar as Cruella de Vil.

Niecy Nash looked fierce in leopard.

Niecy Nash

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Rowan Blanchard was the best Marie Antoinette we’ve ever seen.

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld went old-school with their costumes.


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Jason Derulo’s Night King transformation was major inspo.

Jaime King got her whole family in on the fun for a very Power Rangers Halloween.

Sarah Michelle Gellar may have kept her outfit simple, but her hair and makeup steal the scene.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Jenna Dewan Tatum was a sweet “nature fairy” for a preschool carnival.

Nick Jonas could’ve fooled us with his version of the Hamburglar.

Nick Jonas

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Vanessa Hudgens went to a masquerade party looking VERY glam.

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