Looks like Kylie Jenner might have to donate a bunch of free lip kits to alleviate her latest controversy.

As first reported by Revelist, customers at numerous Topshop locations across the U.S., which are currently hosting Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shops, are voicing complaints that the shops are gross and unsanitary. Specifically, YouTubers are claiming that in addition to the makeup — such as palettes, lip glosses, and concealers — being opened and tarnished by people wanting to test them out, the displays are smeared with the various products. YouTubers also say that Topshop employees didn’t try to control the situation and freely allowed costumers to open products to try them out, even though that’s unhygienic, and um, not how makeup purchasing works.

“There was this table with Kylie makeup in it, and it was just all thrown together. People not only put it on their hand, [but also] put it on the white table, put it on the glass, and then threw away the cap. The packaging was torn and looked like a hot friggin’ mess,” YouTuber Rich Lux explained in a video. “Off to the side was some more of her products, and it was basically a hot mess too. I was like, why is this all thrown together? It almost looks like it was Marshall’s or T J Maxx… almost like a swap-meet.”

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