M.A.C. is a highly prolific beauty brand if there ever was one, with constant impressive launches and collaborations. It seems like the brand never runs out of inspiration to pull from, and multiple times a year fans are surprised and delighted with new drops of not just gorgeous products, but entire lines. Now, as Instagram account trendmood1 is reporting, it seems another new collection is coming down the pipeline from M.A.C. — this one just in time for the Lunar New Year.

Trendmood1 is calling it the Lunar New Year collection, and since their reporting is typically on point, it’s likely that’s what M.A.C. has decided on, as well. The picture shows an entirely different kind of packaging than we’re used to from M.A.C. Usually, M.A.C. products are packaged in sleek, black containers, but the five lipsticks pictured in the sneak peek have a whole new aesthetic. They’re calling it a “peachy vibe,” and honestly, there’s no better way to put it. The lipstick bullets are ombré, with a deep peach top that fades into a beige bottom. Separating the cap from the bottom of the bullet is a gold accent stripe. Makeup artists miukmiuk and jins_yang have also shown sneak peeks of the collection, and you can see the whole thing in all its glory.

The Lunar New Year collection will include more than just the five lipsticks shown in the Trendmood1 picture, as you can see in the photos shared by miukmiuk and jins_yang. The lipsticks will be available in the shades Good Health (a satin finish), Prosperity (a matte formula), Pure Happiness (a creme sheen), Peachy New Year (another satin), and To Luck (another matte). The full collection will also include a Luck and Fortune Eye Shadow Palette with nine shades and a blush duo. Trendmood1 says that the entire collection will be available on January 18 online, as well as in some select M.A.C. locations.


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