We get it, shampoo can totally seem like the place to save — not spend — your hard earned cash. After all, it’s just going to get washed down the drain, right? Well, the thing is, sometimes splurging on a pricier sudser can make all the difference when it comes to how your hair ultimately ends up looking (and literally ever hairstylist or colorist we’ve asked tends to hold that sentiment). Load up on all the styling products you can find, spend tons of time with hot tools, but more often than not, the secret to a great hair day starts in the shower. Tailored formulas that offer a host of strand-saving solutions, no matter your hair texture, type, or color are always worth the extra penny. (And let’s not forget that there’s also the matter of it just being a truly pleasurable indulgence.) Below are 15 splurge-worthy shampoos sure to make your next hair washing session that much more enjoyable and your strands that much more manageable. Go ahead, treat yo’ self.

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