As anyone who has ever dyed their hair in hopes to look like Debra Messing knows, red hair is something to be celebrated — not mocked. That’s why when Australian beer company Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) released an ad that openly mocked redheads, they were met with a ton of backlash from viewers.

According to Refinery29, the ad in question was for CUB’s new Rusty Yak Gingery Ale, and talked about a discovery of a “ginger gene.” In the commercial, a narrator explained: “Floating around in our beer, just like it’s been floating around in human DNA, surprising families for generations,” adding imagery of parents holding a red-haired baby for emphasis.

However, it was the next part of the ad that many found truly offensive. The commercial urged viewers to “stop the spread of the gene,” along with an explanation of a marketing gimmick that included specially hidden labels within the six-pack of beer.

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