How I define “natural”: “It just means that an ingredient originated from a plant or a mineral, but it doesn’t always mean good for skin or even useful to the function of skin. In this industry, ‘natural’ is purely a marketing term.”

Why I created my own line: “Skin care was either called clinical (often filled with lots of synthetics) or natural (which didn’t pack real results), with no in-between. I wanted to create a hybrid of both, minus the ingredients that I find can sensitize skin, creating dryness, breakouts, and redness. Those include certain irritating essential oils, fragrances and dyes, silicones, chemical sunscreens, sodium laureth sulfate, and alcohols. We call them the suspicious six.”

The best beauty advice I ever got: “My mom taught me to stay away from foundations and face powders — most of them contain some combination of the suspicious six, which can keep your skin from functioning as it should. The more you wear that makeup, the more you feel you need it. I listened to her when I was young, and now I’m 49 and still don’t wear it, even for photos.”

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