Social media has led to a major change in the beauty industry over the last several years, allowing fans to quickly voice their opinions on brands, products, and ad campaigns. Such is the case with a recent swatch photo posted to Instagram by Physician’s Formula, which has a lot of the beloved drugstore brand’s fans feeling frustrated. The photo depicts shades of Physician’s Formula’s two new Butter Highlighter palettes swatched on five models’ arms, and it’s being criticized for what fans feel is a lack of representation for darker skin tones.

The brand has been hyping its two new Butter Highlighter palettes this week on Instagram, which will be limited-edition and available only at Walmart and on the Physician’s Formula website. One of the palettes is labeled “Light/Medium” while the other is labeled “Medium/Deep.” However, while there are two swatching photos on the brand’s Instagram, they both show the same set of arms — and garner the same complaints.

One commenter writes, “Are these supposed to be different skin tones or what because those arms look the same to me,” while another says, “this is not a very good depiction of skin tone range.” However, another commenter got straight to the point, writing, “What a poor choice of skin tones for swatches. There really should be more than white and sorta tan.” One fan offered some simple advice, commenting merely, “Oof delete this.”

While these may be the swatches for the Light/Medium palette, commenters felt that the palette for those with lighter skin should not be prioritized over the Medium/Deep palette. One fan asks, “Where the swatches for the dark skin palette?” Physician’s Formula has posted a photo of the Medium/Deep palette’s packaging, but on its Instagram, photos and videos of the Light/Medium palette are the primary subjects of its posts regarding the Butter Highlighter palettes.

The brand has not yet responded to the comments on its Instagram.

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