Both K-beauty and astrology-related beauty are majorly popular as of late, so putting them together just seems like fate. For those of us who can’t make decisions when it comes to buying beauty products, why not let the stars do it for us? That’s why beloved K-beauty brand Innisfree has decided to consult the cosmos for its latest launch, a gorgeous line of matte setting powders inspired by the stars above. The brand-new Birthstone Matte Mineral Setting Powder comes in — you guessed it — 12 different beautiful packages, one for each month’s birthstone. They’re stunning, portable, and will help you stay shine-free through all your summer fun.

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The Birthstone Matte Mineral Setting Powder is said by the brand to be an oil-controlling translucent powder that creates a soft-looking matte finish. The formula is made with naturally-derived Jeju Minerals and mint. (For those who aren’t aware, Jeju is an island just south of Seoul where Innisfree harvests many of its all-natural ingredients.) Each portable container comes with a powder puff, making it easy to do touch-ups on the go.

These powders are available on Innisfree’s website right now for $8 in all the birthstones, but you might not want to wait until your birth month comes up if this is the kind of thing you’re into — they’re limited-edition, and they likely won’t last long. In case you want a few other recommendations to snag that coveted free shipping, check out Allure‘s guide to the best Innisfree products out there. You won’t be disappointed.

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