Welcome, cosmic warriors. I am astrologer Aliza Kelly Faragher, and that is Attract Astrology, a column devoted to all issues magick. Depend it up, cosmic warrior. As we speak, we’re exploring the fundamentals of numerology.

Have you ever ever discovered your self gazing on the clock at precisely 11:11? Questioning why you so steadily meet individuals born on the identical day of the month? Or why your fortunate quantity turns up in essentially the most surprising locations? The solutions you search, cosmic warrior, are embedded inside the the esoteric powers of digits. Numerology is the magical research of — you guessed it — numbers.

Simply as astrology the planets and zodiac indicators are linked to particular attributes inside astrology, in keeping with the teachings of numerology, sure numbers are related to particular traits or themes. These numbers are used to supply perception on character, future occasions, and even life’s larger function.

I chatted with Ophi Edut of the AstroTwins concerning the relationship between astrology and numerology. “Numerology is an superior companion to astrology. It helps make clear the signal by offering further nuance,” Ophi explains, including that numerology enhances your understanding of self by revealing not simply the way you specific your self, however the place you output your inherent vitality. “Numerology reveals the age of your soul. When you’re a Leo solar with an eight Life Path, you recognize that the Leo nature is being filtered extra internally than externally.”

Numerology can also be a fantastic software for making sense of recurring digits. “With numerology, you need to use particular items of data, comparable to a house tackle, to derive particulars,” Ophi says. “You actually begin to see patterns in all places.”

Numerical repetition and synchronicity have been noticed for 1000’s of years. Chaldean numerology is predicated on historical Babylonian practices, and Kabbalistic research of Jewish mysticism discover recurring digits inside the Outdated Testomony. The truth is, many occultists consider that the looks of 11:11 is linked to the tetragrammaton — the unpronounceable four-letter identify for the God of Israel.

Numerology is an superior companion to astrology — it helps make clear the
signal by offering further nuance.

The numerology most steadily practiced right this moment is predicated on the teachings of the traditional Greek thinker, Pythagoras. Pythagoras was a superb mathematician, however he wasn’t simply desirous about quantitative options. He believed that the bodily world was comprised of the energetic vibrations of numbers, and developed a system that corresponded letters with integers. His follow was a research of numerical interconnectivity.

However you don’t must be a math particular person to discover the magick of numerology. All it takes to start out uncovering the magical properties of numbers is a pen, paper, and a few easy arithmetic (or the closest calculator).

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The best technique to begin working with numerology is by analyzing your distinctive date of beginning. Numerology is all about attending to the root quantity. To do that, you merely scale back digits till you attain a single-digit quantity, excluding 11 and 22, that are thought-about Grasp Numbers (extra on this later). This single digit is your particular person Life Path Quantity.

The Life Path Quantity is much like your astrological solar signal: It reveals your larger function, together with strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and ambitions. Your Life Path Quantity additionally exposes the tone of your experiences, and why occasions happen previous, current, and future. Merely put, it is the tactic to the insanity.

As an example your birthday is December 15, 1992. To calculate your Life Path Quantity, you’ll scale back every element of this date to a single digit:

The month, 12, is diminished to 1 + 2 = three.

The date, 14, is diminished to 1 + 5 = 6.

The yr, 1992, is diminished to 1 + 9 + 9 + 2. This equal 21. Then, 21 is diminished to 2 + 1 = three.

Then, we add the diminished month, date, and yr numbers (three + 6 + three) and arrive at 12. Lastly, we add 1 + 2, and attain three. When you had been born on December 15, 1992, your Life Path Quantity is three. It could appear daunting at first, however when you see all of it written out this fashion, it turns into far much less intimidating, no?

Grasp Numbers

As talked about above, the one time you’d not scale back the ultimate quantity is should you attain 11 or 22. These are thought-about Grasp Numbers and connote a extra intensified model of their root numbers (2 and four, respectively). Grasp Numbers recommend a excessive diploma for studying, achievement, or success, however doubtless in a extra demanding or high-pressure surroundings.

As an example, Sir Paul McCartney, maybe England’s most well-known Gemini, was born on June 18, 1942. When this date is diminished (month = 6, day = 9, yr = 7), the sum is 22. Slightly than simplify this to a single digit (yielding four), the quantity 22 displays the Grasp Quantity — the higher-octane iteration of four, revealing McCartney’s sturdy “life mission.”

You can even use numerology to derive the basis variety of names or phrases — that is the place our historical buddy Pythagoras lends a hand. In response to his theories, sure letters have particular numerical values, that are as follows:

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, Ok, T

three = C, L, U

four = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

eight = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

Utilizing this system, it’s simple to search out the basis quantity related to names, which numerologists consult with as your Future Quantity. To search out your Future Quantity, calculate the basis variety of your full identify (first, center, final) by decreasing every identify to a single digit, and including up the entire.

For instance, my full identify reveals my Future Quantity: ALIZA (1 + three + 9 + eight + 1 = 22, which turns into 2 + 2 = four) KELLY (2 + 5 + three + three + 7 = 20, which turns into 2 + zero = 2) FARAGHER (6 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 7 + eight + 5 + 9 = 46, which turns into four + 6 = 10, then lastly, 1 + zero = 1), leading to a Future Variety of 7 (as a result of four + 2 + 1 = 7).

Whereas your Life Path reveals your larger function, your Future Quantity affords perception as to how you’ll specific your larger objectives. So, as a Life Path eight particular person, my mission is to domesticate abundance, and I’ll specific this via my Future Quantity 7: evaluation, analysis, and demanding commentary. Sounds about proper.

So, now that you just’ve calculated your Life Path Quantity and Future Quantity, it’s time to search out out what these digits actually imply. Let’s dig in.

Number one (10/1, 19/1)

Simply as Aries, the first signal of the zodiac, is about motion and initiation, in numerology, 1 is linked to ahead movement. 1 symbolizes a pioneering spirit, impartial nature, and innate management capabilities. On a foul day, 1 could be be a bit bossy or boastful, hiding any insecurities behind an over-developed self-importance. 1 should keep in mind that though it’s first, it may possibly in a short time grow to be the loneliest quantity. Even essentially the most autonomous 1s want the help of their pals, household, and lovers.

Quantity 2 (11/2, 20/2)

2 is linked to sensitivity, steadiness, and concord. Inside numerology, the two vibration assumes the position of the mediator, creating concord by bringing collectively dissonant forces via compassion, empathy, and kindness. 2 is linked to psychic skills and instinct, and if this quantity seems as a Life Path or Future Quantity, the person will likely be astute to refined vitality shifts and emotional nuances. As a result of 2 is so delicate, it is extremely battle averse, and might find yourself feeling under-appreciated or unacknowledged. 2 should keep away from searching for exterior validation and, as a substitute, notice that excellent equilibrium wanted already exists inside.

Quantity three (12/three, 21/three)

Communication is paramount for three. Symbolically, three represents the output of two joined forces: It’s the essence of creation. three is very gifted at expression, seamlessly sharing revolutionary and pioneering ideas via artwork, writing, and oration. Your work conjures up, motivates, and uplifts others, and three finds nice pleasure making others smile. Nevertheless, three can also be identified to be fairly moody, and if three feels misunderstood, could withdraw solely. The escapist tendencies of three are simply mitigated by working towards peaceable mindfulness: With such an lively creativeness, it’s necessary for three to search out moments of quiet to reset, restore, and recharge.

Quantity four (13/four, 22/four, 31/four)

In numerology, four has an earthy-energy and is centered round fortifying its roots. four adamantly believes within the bodily world, and is aware of that investing in a strong infrastructure is important for constructing an enduring legacy. Sensible, hardworking, and accountable, the four vibration is concentrated on creating logical programs that may help scalable development. There’s a solidity to four, nevertheless, that may shortly devolve into rigidity; four should keep in mind that guidelines are supposed to improve, not inhibit. It’s simple for four to grow to be cussed, so four advantages from studying to loosen up and suppose outside-the-box. four will really feel liberated and impressed by discovering the bravery to take a number of daring dangers.

Quantity 5 (14/5, 23/5, 32/5)

Free-thinking, adventurous, and progressive, 5 is outlined by freedom. 5 must expertise the world by participating its 5 senses: For five, life classes are acquired via spontaneous acts of bravery. Akin to Sagittarius vitality inside astrology, 5 is thought for its playful, impuslive, and vivacious spirit. However on the opposite aspect of its signature joie de vivre, 5 can grow to be stressed and impatient. Since 5 is all the time searching for discovery, it has a tough time accepting life’s day-to-day duties — together with skilled and interpersonal commitments. 5 should keep in mind that when it narrows its gaze, it’ll uncover that essentially the most rewarding exploration exists in its personal yard.

Quantity 6 (15/6, 24/6, 33/6)

6 is acknowledged for its nurturing, supportive, and empathic nature. A real healer, 6 has the flexibility to downside resolve in each the emotional and bodily realms, serving to others via its easy, but light, strategy. 6 has a powerful sense of duty, and cares deeply for its pals, household, and lovers. This quantity can also simply talk with youngsters and animals, displaying a mushy tenderness and caretaker spirit. However not every little thing must be parented, and typically 6’s protecting vitality can grow to be domineering and controlling. To keep away from carrying the world on its shoulders, 6 should be taught to construct belief and understanding for others: Merely put, everybody should comply with their very own distinctive path.

Quantity 7 (16/7, 25/7, 34/7)

The detectives of numerology, 7 is thought for its investigative skills and analytical expertise. Astrologically, the quantity 7 could be regarded as a mix of Virgo and Scorpio vitality: 7 is extraordinarily detail-oriented, however is pushed by inner-wisdom as oppossed to tangible realities. 7 has a eager eye, and its astute observations gas a quick-witted, creative spirit. As a result of it may possibly shortly discover the issues in virtually any system, 7 is a little bit of a perfectionist. 7 will typically assume fault, so it’s necessary for this quantity to counterbalance its inherent skepticism with an open thoughts. Not every little thing will likely be foolproof — however that’s what makes life enjoyable.

Quantity eight (17/eight, 26/eight, 35/eight)

eight is all about abundance. Inside numerology, this quantity is linked to materials wealth and monetary success. Bold and goal-oriented, eight can effortlessly assume management positions via its pure magnetism. eight applies big-picture considering to broaden its scope, racing up the highest of any ladder to achieve extraordinary heights. However with nice energy comes nice duty: eight breeds workaholics, and on a foul day, can grow to be excessively controlling and possessive. Nevertheless, its unfavourable qualities could be reduce by giving again to the neighborhood. By utilizing is success to assist others, eight realizes that there’s nothing extra invaluable than contributing to the larger good.

Quantity 9 (18/9, 27/9, 36/9)

As the ultimate single digit inside numerology, 9 connotes an outdated soul. 9 is not any stranger life’s ups-and-downs of life — been there, performed that. Accordingly, 9 can effortlessly synthesize massive portions of stimuli, psychically connecting the dots to type a cohesive entire. The mission for 9 is to achieve its highest state of consciousness, and to assist others additionally obtain this religious consciousness. 9 isn’t afraid to remodel, and its malleable spirit conjures up others to discover their very own ranges of movement. Since 9, in some ways, has transcended the bodily aircraft, it should continually keep in mind to anchor itself. 9 should be taught to steadiness the summary with the tangible, in the end discovering its place on the intersection of fantasy and actuality.

Grasp Quantity 11 (11/2)

Grasp Quantity 11 revs up the vitality of Quantity 2; its function is to heal self and different via its elevated psychic skills. Typically occasions, Grasp Quantity 11’s intuitive presents are a results of excessive life circumstances: Grasp Quantity 11 has no alternative however to domesticate extrasensory abilities. In numerology, Grasp Quantity 11 is linked to religious enlightenment, consciousness, and philosophical steadiness.

Grasp Quantity 22 (22/four)

Grasp Quantity 22, also known as the Grasp Builder, expands on the vibrations of Quantity four. Grasp Quantity 22 is impressed to create platforms within the bodily realm that transcend speedy realities — by fusing the tangible and intangible, Grasp Quantity 22 cultivates a dynamic long-term legacy. Grasp Quantity 22’s expertise are normally a byproduct of early childhood instability that fuels revolutionary thought. Industrious, inventive, and reliable, Grasp Quantity 22 is all the time on a mission to remodel.

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