Final month, I informed Beyoncé’s piercer to do no matter he wished with my ears. After taking a minute to survey what he was working with, he determined my tragus was the way in which to go, and when Beyoncé’s piercer tells you that you must get your tragus pierced, you let it occur. He has a reputation, by the way in which — it is Brian Keith Thompson, and he is the proprietor of Physique Electrical Tattoo, a store that celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba, additionally cease by in Los Angeles.

To me, tragus piercings at all times stood for faculty insurrection. Considered one of my pals acquired hers pierced a few weeks after beginning our freshman yr. One other acquired hers executed whereas we had been finding out overseas in London. I am, by all intents and functions, what they name a late bloomer, so getting my tragus pierced on the ripe outdated age of 26 appears proper consistent with my persona.

Tragus piercings are usually in style, although. “[It’s] a kind of piercings which have by no means actually died down,” piercer Cassi Lopez of New York Adorned in New York Metropolis has informed Attract. “In all the years that I’ve been piercing, they’re very constant.” Curious to know extra concerning the ear piercing now? Preserve scrolling to seek out out extra about getting a tragus piercing and how one can look after it.

What precisely is a tragus piercing?

When you’ve by no means heard of a tragus earlier than and have not discovered what it’s but, it is “the little flap of cartilage on the facet of your face that covers your ear canal,” Adrian Castillo, a piercer at Los Angeles and Brooklyn-based studio 108 tells Attract. (He had the distinction of piercing my septum earlier this yr.) Nonetheless uncertain of what a tragus is? Image it like this. “An ambulance is cruising by you and also you wish to shut your ears, it’s that little flap in entrance of your ear which you can press into your ear canal,” Thompson places it. “It extends out of your cheek and covers and protects your ear canal.”

When piercing this a part of the ear, Thompson pierces it from the skin to the within. “100 piercers would in all probability pierce it 100 other ways,” he provides.

How a lot does a tragus piercing damage?

Fairly merely, it hurts lots. It is probably the most painful ear piercing I’ve ever gotten. That is simply my opinion, although. “Tragus piercings damage not more than another cartilage piercings,” Castillo says. This was my first-ever cartilage piercing, so I had nothing to match it to. I figured it damage as a lot because it did as a result of it is one of many thicker components of the ear. Thompson assures me that is not the case, although.

“That is not how ache works,” he says. “Your nervous system would not care if the half is thicker or thinner. It is really extra strain than ache, and it may be slightly intimidating since you’re piercing into the ear canal, so you may hear all the pieces.” I can attest to that. That sensation lasts all of two seconds at most, although. It could really feel just like the longest two seconds of your life, however I forgot concerning the ache minutes later.

If Thompson needed to place the ache of a tragus on a ache scale of 1 by way of 10, although, he’d place it at a 3 or 4. I would say it is a couple of 5, but it surely’s all relative. Getting my tragus pierced did not damage a lot that I did not wish to get my ears pierced ever once more. Thompson went on to do a vertical stack of two studs on my proper lobe. They felt like nothing in comparison with the tragus. He additionally pierced the decrease a part of the cartilage on my left ear, and that damage considerably lower than the tragus, too.

tragus piercing

Are there any dangers?

After all, there are at all times dangers concerned when getting a piercing: nonetheless, getting your tragus pierced is a comparatively low-risk process when executed by knowledgeable, says Arash Akhavan, founding father of Dermatology and Laser Group in New York Metropolis. “That being mentioned, the low blood provide to the realm does make it a piercing that has a barely increased danger for an infection and poor scarring,” he provides.

A number of the commonest dangers are hypertrophic scarring, which is when a bubble or bump types across the jewellery, and keloids, that are raised scars. Akhavan factors out that any ear piercing comes with the potential of these taking place, although. Getting a stud as an alternative of a hoop will assist you to keep away from these points. Not solely do they make for simpler therapeutic, however some piercers additionally favor them for aesthetic functions. “I favor smaller studs on tragus piercings as a result of it is a good place to have a delicate sparkle,” Castillo says.

Do not consider the city legends about nerves presumably getting hit throughout a tragus piercing. “I am going to say in over a decade of piercing, I’ve by no means ever had anybody have any critical challenge with their tragus piercings,” Castillo says. “I feel a number of that stuff was simply unfold by individuals who don’t need your ears to look fairly.”

How lengthy does a tragus piercing take to heal?

Like another cartilage piercing, the tragus takes about three to 6 months to heal. That is only a tough estimate, although. As a result of we’re within the age of smartphones and many people hearken to music with earphones or headphones frequently, Castillo says particular care must be taken. Akhavan even recommends avoiding utilizing earphones for the primary at the least 4 to eight weeks, although ideally till the realm is totally healed. And sorry to interrupt this to you, too, however, “for the primary two to 3 weeks, keep away from sleeping in your facet to forestall friction on the realm,” he says. It is onerous, however airplane pillows assist. To be protected, give your piercing a couple of yr earlier than taking out or altering out the jewellery. In that point, Thompson recommends leaving it alone. “Watch out with it. Take a look at it; do not contact it,” he says. “It is there to be admired, to not be performed with. It isn’t a pet.”

tragus piercing

The one time you must get near the tragus piercing is when cleansing it. Each piercers and Akhavan advise utilizing an unscented cleaning soap, like Dr. Bronner’s 18-In-1 Child Unscented Pure-Castile Cleaning soap, and water. After sudsing the cleaning soap up in your fingers, you must “gently therapeutic massage cleaning soap onto the jewellery,” Thompson explains. “Transfer the cleaning soap across the jewellery, not the jewellery across the cleaning soap. Preserve the stud or hoop stationary and gently transfer the suds inside and outside and rinse. That is all you’ll want to do.”

You may also incorporate a saline resolution into your cleaning routine. Thompson likes the NeilMed Wound Wash Piercing Aftercare Wonderful Mist. “Use that two or 3 times a day for the primary few weeks,” he says. I like to think about it as one other step in my skin-care routine.

How a lot will it price, although?

The value of a tragus piercing relies upon solely on the studio you go to as the kind of jewellery they use ranges. At 108, for instance, the piercing alone will price you $40, and a further $120 to $180 shall be added on for a stud.

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