If you happen to put on contact lenses or are vulnerable to allergic reactions, you have in all probability already bought Visine at dwelling. Effectively, you’d by no means, ever guess it, however the identical drops that get the pink out also can pull double-duty as skincare: One or two drops patted onto the pores and skin beneath your eyes could make your darkish circles much less noticeable. Critically. I am not making this up.

“Damaged or dilated blood vessels beneath your eyes typically trigger or contribute to darkish circles, particularly in case your pores and skin may be very honest,” says David Financial institution, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York. “Visine constricts blood vessels, so it will make that much less apparent.”

In case your darkish circles are solely brought on by genetics or hyperpigmentation, the trick (sadly) will not work. However the excellent news is, there’s a straightforward option to self-diagnose: Press a transparent shot glass towards the realm, and if it turns into instantly lighter, your circles are brought on by blood vessels displaying by means of the pores and skin and you’ll give this Visine thought a attempt.

Now, as promised, trick quantity two: “Visine additionally takes the pink out of pimples,” says Financial institution. It will not make your pimple smaller, however it’ll look much less apparent for a couple of hours.

Take a cue from make-up artist Matin Maulawizada, who swears by the easy pores and skin trick for minimizing the looks of pimples in a pinch. Simply take a cotton swab soaked within the redness-relieving drops and evenly dab it on any blemished areas you wish to look much less noticeable.

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Whereas Visine may not profit your complexion from a skin-care standpoint, it nonetheless makes for a pleasant hack to depend on whenever you wish to get the redness out, stat. You’ll be able to snag it now at your native drugstore, or on amazon.com for $6.

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