Two hours west of London, by winding single-car lanes and sheep-clotted fields, is an unlikely hotbed of tech innovation — Dyson’s headquarters, aka the birthplace of costly vacuums and the 2016 Better of Magnificence Breakthrough Award–profitable Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, a reimagining of the blow-dryer as a seamless vortex of air. Dyson’s latest invention, the Airwrap, gives a brand new spin on the identical know-how that made the Supersonic so freaking cool.

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It’s referred to as the coanda impact — the phenomenon wherein high-velocity air in spherical objects turns into a strong vortex (assume jet engines). The Dyson Airwrap, nevertheless, isn’t meant to only dry hair — it’s additionally meant to make the method of curling hair or making a smooth, voluminous, or wavy blowout approach, approach simpler. Its motorized base comes with 4 removable heads: a shrunken model of the Supersonic blow-dryer head, a paddle brush, and a spherical brush (each perforated with vents to get rid of the balletic work of brushing whereas drying), and a clampless curling-iron head.

dyson airwrap styler and attachements
Courtesy of brand name

The true take a look at, after all, was whether or not I, a hair-tool-illiterate magnificence editor, may make heads or tails of all this know-how. After a rough-dry with the paddle-brush head, I snapped on the curling tube (proven at left). My hair actually swept onto the roller and set, with hardly any involvement from me, aside from sectioning my hair and manipulating one button for temp management (slide as much as hot-curl every part, after which maintain down for a blast of cool air to set and slip out the wand). The outcomes? My high quality hair, which often droops with out shellac, stayed tousled and voluminous nicely previous dinner. I’d say the Airwrap taught an outdated canine new methods, however I didn’t should be taught a factor.

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