Regardless of what you’ll have been led to imagine, not all hair loss seems the identical. Figuring out precisely what sort you’re experiencing can assist you resolve the issue.

Receding hairline and thinning hair

The commonest reason behind hair loss, generally known as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness, is definitely hereditary and often happens progressively as you grow old. You may discover a receding hairline, thinning hair, or bald spots. If you’re noticing thinning on the temples and within the hairline, that may be a signal the follicle is affected. In that case, it will be time to see a dermatologist who can display screen for any underlying points like iron deficiency or hormonal imbalances.

“If the hair loss is sluggish and gradual and there’s a household historical past, one can assume that it is perhaps feminine sample hair loss,” says Henry. “If the hair loss begins a couple of months post-pregnancy, then it’s truthful to imagine that this can be a telogen effluvium as a consequence of being pregnant.” In contrast to WebMD, an precise dermatologist can truly check out your scalp, administer blood checks, and discuss to you about your signs.


Regardless of being panic-inducing, shedding is slightly widespread after bodily traumas, corresponding to childbirth or surgical procedure. Others may expertise it after emotional traumas or durations of intense stress. One thing as seemingly inconsequential as altering your contraception model may also take a toll in your physique and throw off your inner stability sufficient that hair loss follows.

In case you’ve been going via a tough patch in life currently and shedding appears to be the perpetrator, there’s truly some excellent news: all of the hair you shed can come again. Focus in your psychological well being, maintain your physique, and make a degree of managing your stress ranges and the interval of shedding will doubtless go away by itself. “With ladies particularly, stress and the stress hormone — cortisol — is a large contributor, particularly power stress as it may possibly disrupt hormonal balances and result in disruption of the hair development cycle, in addition to irritation,” explains Sophia Kogan, co-founder and chief medical advisor of Nutrafol.

Breakage close to the scalp

In case you discover your hair is breaking in the course of the strand or a couple of inches away from the scalp, that may be a signal of weakened keratin and breakage as a consequence of extreme harm to the hair protein — not conventional hair loss. On this case, give your hair a relaxation and swear off warmth, bleach, and dye till you see some grow-out on the damaged items and an total enchancment in hair texture.

Bald patches or full-scalp baldness, together with the lack of eyelashes and eyebrows

With situations like alopecia areata, hair loss is triggered when the immune system assaults the hair follicle. The sort of hair loss is usually sudden and also you’ll discover a number of round bald patches seem. It is not uncommon to have recurrences of the situation, and a small share of people that develop alopecia will expertise eyelash and eyebrow hair loss on high of complete scalp baldness, although they might not expertise all these signs. It is a power situation and the earlier it’s recognized, the earlier you’ll be able to work out the subsequent steps.

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What forms of well being situations can result in hair loss?

Hair loss itself is typically handled as a analysis, however it’s extra usually, it’s a symptom of one thing larger. “Hair loss is usually a signal of an underlying well being difficulty and act as an early warning system,” says Richard Firshein, main skilled in integrative and precision-based drugs and founding father of the Firshein Middle. “The well being of hair follicles is instantly associated to well being and the functioning of our endocrine system.”

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